Association for Cultural Typhoon

Cultural Typhoon Annotated

Cultural Typhoon has had a run of nine successful conferences since 2003. Below is a list of the organizing theme of past cultural typhoons. The 13th cultural typhoon will be held this year in 2015 in Osaka.

2003 Expressive Culture and Anti-Globalization in the Global Era (1) @ Waseda University

2004Expressive Culture and Anti-Globalization in the Global Era (2) @ University of the Ryukyus

2005 Expressive Culture and Anti-Globalization in the Global Era (3) @ Ritsumeikan University

2006 City @ Shimokitazawa (Kitazawa Town Hall, Shimokitazawa Seitoku High School)

2007 Citizenry/Culture/Economy @ Nagoya (Nagoya City Archives, Will Aichi Women’s Center, Higashi Ward Historic Preservation Area)

2008 Space: Hollow/Interval @ Sendai (Sendai Mediatheque)

2009 Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon @ Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

2010 Liaisoning the Public Sphere and Asia Through the Screen @ Komazawa University

2011 Rock the Boat! @ Kobe (Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction)

2012 Hospitality: Poems and Statements/Death and Life @ Hiroshima

2013 Tamaru? Tamaran! @ Tokyo Keizai University

2014 Convivial @ International Christian University

2015 Re:Public @ Kwansei Gakuin University and Liberty Osaka, Osaka

2016 Can You Feel It?@ Tokyo University of the Arts

2017 If the World Changes, Cultural Studies Also Changes!! @ Waseda University

2018 Is There Any Future for Global Capitalism? @Ryukoku University, Kyoto(Ohmiya Campus)

2019 [Alt]+[CS]=? / Towards Alternative Cultural Studies @ Keio University

2020 A Port of ‘Cranes’ in the 21st Century: Mobilities, Exchanges and Histories @ University of Nagasaki (Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

2021 The ‘Back Strikes Back @  ‘21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa’ and ‘Shiinoki Cultural Complex (Shiinoki Geihinkan)’