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The Annual Review of Cultural Studies: Guidelines for Authors

Last Updated: May 31, 2017


About the Journal
・The Annual Review of Cultural Studies (ARCS) is an annually published international and cross-disciplinary journal that aims to publish outstanding contributions with theoretically innovative and practically critical viewpoints.
・ARCS particularly encourages and welcomes papers that contribute to the following disciplines and fields; cultural studies, media studies, diaspora studies, urban studies, sociology, history, cultural anthropology, gender studies, queer studies, postcolonial studies, race studies, migration studies, social movements, ecology, area studies, memory studies, popular culture (film, music, sports, fashion, dance, street culture, animation, comic etc…), arts, literature, philosophy, social thought, political economy, geography, pedagogy.

Condition of Submission
・Contributors must be a member of Association for Cultural Typhoon (ACT) for submission of manuscripts.

Submitting Your Manuscript
・Manuscripts are accepted either in Japanese or English language.
・Manuscripts once has been assessed by editorial committee, and will then be peer-reviewed by referees.
・Duplicate submission is not accepted. Manuscripts should not contain substantial elements of material previously published or accepted, and should not be currently under consideration, for publication elsewhere.
・Copyrights of published articles exclusively belong to ACT unless contributors pull out of publication. Articles will be open to free-access via J-Stage in principle.

Permission of Reprinting
・Contributors need to obtain permission from ACT and the editorial committee when they would like to reprint published articles elsewhere.
Notes for Contributors
1. Manuscripts should not exceed 8000 words including references, endnotes, tables, and figures.
2. Each manuscript should be accompanied by a cover page, an abstract, and a list of key words.
3. A cover page should contain the title, author’s name, affiliation, and contact information (postal address, phone number, and e-mail address).
4. The cover page should be followed by an abstract of maximum 250 words and a list of three to five key words.
5. Manuscripts should be formatted as follows:
(1) Each manuscript should be typed and double-spaced on A4 paper.
(2) References should be indicated in the text by giving the author’s name, with the year of publication and page number in parentheses. The references should be listed in full at the end of the paper in the following standard form:

For books:
Nandy, Ashis, 1983, The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self under Colonialism, Bombay: Oxford University Press.

For articles:
Kim, Eunshil, 1998,‘Studying my own culture as feminist practice’, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 4 (4): 60-75.

For chapters:
Quellette, Laurie and Murray, Susan, 2004, ‘Introduction’. In Susan Murray and Laurie Ouellette (eds) Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture, New York & London: New York University Press, 1-15.

For online sources:
Samath, Feizal, 2011, ‘Sri Lanka looks east to China for funding and support’, The National (online), March 11,, accessed March 22, 2010.

(3) References in languages other than English should be provided in English translation, followed by the original language title.

(4) Endnotes and references should be separately prepared. Endnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the text by Arabic numerals and grouped together at the end of the article. Endnotes are only used for further explicating ideas.

(5) Tables and figures should be included as part of the text. Tables should be numbered by Roman numerals, and figures by Arabic numerals.

(6) Authors are required to secure permission to reproduce copyrighted materials including table, figure, illustration, data, audio, video, film stills, and screenshots, and any supplementary material you propose to submit. The editors will contact with authors about the reproduction of copyrighted materials upon submission of the final manuscript.
(Copies of permission letters should be sent with the manuscript upon submission to the editors.)

  1. Manuscripts and other correspondence should be sent through email at
  2. The deadline of the submission of manuscripts is November 30th of each year (12:00p.m. Japan time).


Editorial Proceedings of Cultural Studies Review
・ARCS is the annually published official journal of ACT.
・The journal is a platform for registered members of ACT to publish their contributions.
・The journal consists of research articles, review articles, book reviews and columns of research in progress.
・Each volume will include refereed articles and articles on request from the editorial committee.
・The editorial committee request for contributions to particular issues.
・The latest of cultural studies, cultural and social movements are introduced in columns of research in progress. Request for columns are made by the editorial committee.
・The editorial committee exclusively hold a right to decide whether contributions are accepted or not.