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Cultural Typhoon 2014 has convivially passed on the International Christian University. prof. Les Back left us the Message.


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Cultural Typhoon 2014


logo.pngCONVIVIAL is the theme of the Cultural Typhoon 2014, but what does it mean? At a time when there is a strident chorus repeating the refrain of “national interest” and “public interests,” this is a word that we have to pass on as we join together and do things with joy: CONVIVIAL! CONVIVIAL! CONVIVIAL!

What you say and do, what you see and listen to, the music you play, the pictures and films you make and look at, the space you walk and play in, what you make to eat, and, above all, whether you can exist here or not – first it must be determined whether they are in the “national interest” or “public interest,” according to certain criteria. As Japanese comedians Black Mayonnaise might say: What the--?! Ass-imilation?!! Us-same-ilation?!!!

Culture Typhoon 2014 is a big gathering of people who want to make a society that isn’t assimilated, but inclusive, cooperative, and friendly. The pleasure of living together with difference and respect for each other (and sometimes with disagreements and conflicts, of course) – that’s convivial culture.

Big Brother Prime Minister, out of your mouth comes jeers and sneers
Constant fighting over Border, Arms are out of Order
You’re drunk on National Pride, but lurking in your heart is Rotten Resentment.

Instead of that, different questions: In a convivial culture, how will our bodies move, how will sound and images circulate, how will taste and aroma combine? But to begin, let’s think about how and in what ways we’ve been deprived (lost?) our conviviality. Several factors can be found inside culture and history, economics, politics – don’t forget that a careful diagnosis can lead to a remedy. Then we have to try to find the convivial, to follow the historical traces of convivial culture to be found at the centre and in the margins. If there’s nothing there, let’s make it!

CONVIVIAL! Not to be nominated as a buzzword-of-the-year but to spell out the dreams of Cultural Typhoon 2014 and imagining and making a delightful future together: let’s make it CONVIVIAL! CONVIVIAL! CONVIVIAL!

The Convivial Projects

For the harmonization.


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The Convivial Practice of Body.


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Cultural Typhoon 2014 “Convivial!”
10:30-19:30 Saturday 28 June 2014
10:30-18:30 Sunday 29 June 2014

International Christian University (ICU)
10-2, Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan

Open Lecture”What is Cultural Studies?"

June 28th Sat. @ICU H-kan Room#262

Takeshi Arimoto(International Christian Univesity)「Cultural Studies and Sport」
Yoshitaka Mori(Tokyo University of Arts)「Cultural Studies and Music」
Tohko Tanaka(Jumonji University)「Cultural Studies and Gender」
Yasuhiro Tanaka(International Christian Univesity)「Cultural Studies and Media」
Yuko Kawai(Rikkyo University)「Cultural Studies and the Other」
Syunya Yoshimi(University of Tokyo)「What is Cultural Stidies」

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