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CT2023: Conference Tickets available on Peatix

post on : 2023.07.14

Cultural Typhoon 2023 Conference Tickets are now on sale! Please check the information below and purchase the tickets via Peatix.

For Cultural Typhoon 2023, there are two types of [Participation Tickets]. Please select “General ticket” or “Student ticket” according to the participation category.
You need to buy tickets, even if you do not attend the event on-site and only watch the online streaming content.

In addition, we will provide Childcare Service at the venue (The deadline for application is July 29th Sat 23:59 JST). The childcare costs will be covered by subsidies from ACT and donations from conference participants. If you would like to contribute, please select the option <Childcare Service Donation> when purchasing your conference tickets. There will be some special gifts provided for those who donate.
*You can bring your children to the presentation venue regardless of whether you use Childcare Service.

The latest information is available on ACT’s official website ( Please check it regularly for updates. For inquiries regarding the conference, please contact

Detailed instructions on watching online streamings will be provided later on ACT’s official website and various social media platforms. They will also be emailed to those who have registered for the event.


Ticket Site:

<Conference Tickets>

  • <GENERAL> (ACT membership Category A, B):  ¥4,000
  • <STUDENT> (ACT membership Category C): ¥2,000
  • [Optional] <Childcare Service Donation> One donation: ¥1,000 (Up to six donations can be selected)

*Membership classification is based on self-declaration

**If you are NOT an ACT member and have already paid the “Paper Presentation Registration Fee,” you DO NOT NEED to purchase the “Conference Ticket.”

***We reserve the right to ask anyone who makes hate speech to leave the venue.


  • Category A (annual membership fee: 10,000 yen)

Those who work full time (including in tenured positions) at a university or research institution, and can claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category B (annual membership fee: 6,000 yen)

Those who work part time at a university or research institution, or those who cannot claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category C (annual membership fee: 4,000 yen)

Students as defined in Article 4 of the regulations of the Association for Cultural Typhoon, non-regular or temporary employees, and those who have retired from universities or research institutions (or those over 70 years of age).