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CT2022: Conference Tickets available on Peatix

post on : 2022.08.19

Cultural Typhoon 2022 Conference Tickets are now on sale!
Please check the information below and purchase the tickets via Peatix.

This conference will be a hybrid (on-site and online) event. Non-members are also welcome to purchase tickets and attend the event.

Official merchandise will be sold on-site. For those who wish to purchase them online, you can select <Conference Tickets with Merchandise> (tickets limited to the first 10 people). 

[Merchandise content (All items will have the CT 2022 art logo on them)]

CT2022 Official Tote bag
CT2022 Official Stickers
CT2022 Official Paper file folder
*Sales are limited.

Details on how to participate in the conference online will be announced later on this website and social media. We also will send information via e-mail to those who have registered for this event.

Please check ACT’s official website ( for the latest information.
For inquiries, please contact:


<Conference Tickets only>

  • GENERAL (ACT membership Category A, B)  ¥4,000
  • STUDENT (ACT membership Category C) ¥2,000

<Conference Tickets with Merchandise>

  • GENERAL + Official Merch ¥5,500 [Only 10 available]
  • STUDENT + Official Merch ¥3,500 [Only 10 available]

*If you are NOT an ACT member and have already paid the “Paper Presentation Registration Fee,” you DO NOT NEED to purchase the “Conference Ticket.”

**We reserve the right to ask anyone who makes hate speech regarding gender, race, or sexuality to leave the venue.


  • Category A (annual membership fee: 10,000 yen)

Those who work full time (including in tenured positions) at a university or research institution and can claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category B (annual membership fee: 6,000 yen)

Those who work part time at a university or research institution, or those who cannot claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category C (annual membership fee: 4,000 yen)

Students as defined in Article 4 of the regulations of the Association for Cultural Typhoon, non-regular or temporary employees, and those who have retired from universities or research institutions (or those over 70 years of age).