Association for Cultural Typhoon

Dear Cultural Typhoon 2022 applicants

post on : 2022.07.26

Thank you very much for your submission to Cultural Typhoon 2022 (CT2022).

As we informed you in a separate email, please keep in mind that you will be officially enrolled as a presenter AFTER you pay the required fees by August 1, based on your eligibility.

Today, we have an announcement regarding the collaborative poster project on Twitter.


Share Your “Feminist Assertion” on the Main Art!!

In keeping with the conference theme, “Return of the Repressed: A Typhoon for Feminisms,”we plan to create this year’s conference poster collaboratively.

We encourage you to tweet about your “feminist assertion,” which may be included on the poster.

We encourage all presenters to participate in the project, regardless of the topic of their paper presentations. You are free to tweet as many times as you want!

Please send us your phrases as a reply to this tweet or as a quote retweet!

Tweet in Japanese

Tweet in English



-Please use the hashtag #CulturalTyphoon2022 to share your feminist assertions related to our conference theme.

– You do not need to be a member of the Association for Cultural Typhoon.

– You can tweet in any language and post it either in text or image (including hand-writing or drawing).

– Deadline: July 29 Fri. 23:59 JST


-If you submit it in the form of an image, our designer may retouch or modify it except for the wording.

-Please keep in mind that your work may not be on the poster, depending on the number of submissions.

[Assertion Examples]




We look forward to your feminist assertions!

Thank you for your cooperation.  Best Wishes,

Cultural Typhoon Executive Committee 2022