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Call for Papers: Cultural Typhoon 2022 at Seijo University, Tokyo, Japan

post on : 2022.04.30

Dear All ACT Members,

Since last year, the ACT committee has discussed how and when we could hold the Cultural Typhoon 2022 amid the continuing concerns about the coronavirus. We would like to share with you the following updates.

1. Schedule
We have organized Cultural Typhoons in June or July since its inception. However, we have decided to hold the next Typhoon later than usual in late September 2022 due to the pandemic.

2. Venue
Cultural Typhoon 2022 will be held in Tokyo. We will announce the name of the university soon.

3. Cultural Typhoon 2022 Conference Format
We have decided to hold the Cultural Typhoon 2022 in the hybrid format just like the Kanazawa Typhoon 2021. There will be several symposiums on-site, but all presentations will be online. 

4. Theme
The tentative theme for Cultural Typhoon 2022 will be Feminism and Cultural Studies. We welcome individual or panel presentations that are related or unrelated to the theme.

5. Call for Papers
Call for papers is scheduled to start around the middle of March 2022. We will inform you of the details later.

The 2021-2022 ACT committee

Call for papers

Association for Cultural Typhoon (ACT) 2022 Conference

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the details of Cultural Typhoon 2022 have been finalized as follows:

CT2022 conference theme

Return of the repressed: A typhoon for feminisms

The main theme of Cultural Typhoon 2022 is “miscellaneous feminisms”—a straightforward challenge. Addressing issues related to cultural expression, race, class, gender, and sexuality is a specialty of Cultural Studies, and because of that obvious significance, Cultural Typhoon had not previously selected “feminism” as its main theme.

However, over the past few years, as more and more people have come out to talk about feminism, we have realized that backlashes against the rights of women and other minorities occur daily in Japanese society and throughout the world, with words and actions to liberate the oppressed relegated to a very restricted space.

So, this year, we will summon the oppressed and bring a typhoon for miscellaneous feminisms to Seijo University.

Cultural Typhoon 2022 Executive Committee

Dates (tentative)

September 16 (Fri.), 2022, 20:00– (JST)

September 17 (Sat.) and 18 (Sun.), 2022, 10:00–18:00 (JST)


Seijo University (Seijo 6-1-20, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-8511, Japan)


■CT2022: About applying for individual/group presentations and project works

Applications for presentations

  • Cultural Typhoon 2022 will showcase a broad range of presentations from people both inside and outside Japan. We are looking for individual presentations, group presentations, and project works.
  • Participation is not limited to ACT members; non-members can also apply. However, a Paper Presentation Registration Fee will be required for presentations made by non-members. Please refer to the [Eligibility for presentation] section below.
  • Cultural Typhoon 2022 will be organized as follows:
  • Symposiums: Registration is required, and the number of participants is limited; the symposiums will be held onsite in front of live audiences and streamed on YouTube.
  • Individual presentations: Presentations will be available on demand, and discussions and Q&A sessions will be held in real time via Zoom at a designated time.
  • Group presentations: In principle, livestreamed via Zoom (some group presentations may be held onsite, but please understand that the number of classrooms is limited, so we may be unable to accommodate your request).
  • Project works: Exhibited in a virtual space, via on-demand streaming, etc.
  • Only one panel per person will be accepted for presentation.

Application method

★ If you wish to apply for an individual presentation, please fill out the application form here: Application form (individual presentations).

★ If you wish to apply for a group presentation, please fill out the application form here: Application form (group presentations).

★ If you wish to apply for project works, please fill out the application form here: Application form (project works).

Presentation length (planned schedule subject to potential changes)

・Individual presentations: 20 minutes per presentation

・Group presentations: 90 minutes (including time for Q & A)

Eligibility for presentation

  • Whether for individual or group presentations, all non-member contributors/presenters will be required to pay the Paper Presentation Registration Fee in advance. The entry fee/online ticket fee for CT2022 is included in the Paper Presentation Registration Fee.
  • Paper Presentation Registration Fee
  • Full-time employees (corresponding to ACT membership in Category A): 11,000 yen
  • Part-time employees and students (corresponding to ACT membership in Category B or C): 5,000 yen
  • You will be informed of the payment method for the Paper Presentation Registration Fee when we contact you to accept your proposed presentation. In addition, for those who pay the Paper Presentation Registration Fee and then opt to become an ACT member during fiscal year 2022, the Paper Presentation Registration Fee will be counted as partial payment of the total membership fee.
  • We would appreciate your help in promoting this conference as widely as possible.
  • As before, anybody can apply for participation in other activities (project works—booths, workshops, etc.) outside of paper presentations. However, everyone will be asked to pay an entry fee/online ticket fee, including those invited by the applicant. Tickets for participation will be available for purchase from the sale start date until the day of the event.

Key dates

May 1, 2022: Online application submission form available

June 10, 2022: Application deadline for presentation proposals

June 25, 2022: Announcement of application results (tentative)

August 1, 2022: Payment deadline for non-member presenters

August 15, 2022: Release of the conference program (tentative)

September 5–10, 2022: Period for uploading individual video presentations (tentative)

September 11–15, 2022: Period for viewing individual video presentations (tentative)

Contacts for inquiries regarding presentations

For inquiries regarding individual and group presentations, please contact us at:

For inquiries about project works, please contact us at:

Entry fees/online ticket fees for CT2022

  • ACT members in Category A or B, and non-member employees (corresponding to ACT membership in Category A or B): 3,000 yen per person
  • ACT members in Category C, and student or civilian non-members (corresponding to ACT membership in Category C): 1,500 yen per person


  • Category A (annual membership fee: 10,000 yen)

Those who work full time (including in tenured positions) at a university or research institution and can claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category B (annual membership fee: 6,000 yen)

Those who work part time at a university or research institution, or those who cannot claim their membership fees as allowable expenses.

  • Category C (annual membership fee: 4,000 yen)

Students as defined in Article 4 of the regulations of the Association for Cultural Typhoon, non-regular or temporary employees, and those who have retired from universities or research institutions (or those over 70 years of age).

Membership application

Please follow the link below for more information about becoming a member.

Application information:

*In response to a suggestion, we revised a portion of the call for paper on May 4, 2022.