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Call for Papers: Association for Cultural Typhoon (ACT) 2020 Online Conference

post on : 2020.08.16

Association for Cultural Typhoon (ACT) 2020 Online Conference

We are calling for proposals for individual research papers.

Conference dates: November 28 (Sat.) and 29 (Sun.), 2020

Venue: Online via Zoom

Proposal deadline: September 16, 2020

Conference Aim

Cultural Typhoon 2020 (the annual conference of the Association for Cultural Typhoon) that was planned for Nagasaki was, unfortunately, cancelled due to the influence of coronavirus. However, with the desire to support emerging researchers with valuable presentation opportunities, our association has decided to create such an occasion. While these presentations will be held online, we consider them achievements equivalent to that of conventional academic conference presentations. We hope that this online conference will be a place for graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early-career faculty members to present their research and exchange opinions.

Though our usual conference accepts panel session proposals, we will only be accepting individual paper proposals for this online conference in light of its particular aims.


To submit your proposal, please download and fill out the application form below and email it as an attachment to:
Please title the email as follows: Individual Paper Proposal (your name)

Download here: 2020 Online Conference ACT _Application-Form

Presentation Length

15 minutes

* This time is an estimate and is subject to change. Additionally, there will be time for a separate question and answer period. 

Presentation Format

・Presented live via Zoom

・Presented in Japanese or English

・For those distributing materials: Please do so using the chat function during your presentation.

・Please prepare presentations using either PowerPoint or PDF formats.
(*As there is a high probability of technical issues, we ask that participants avoid presenting video clips as much as possible.)

Presenter Requirements

* Must be an association member

*・Student members must have paid the membership fees for the 2019 fiscal year. (If you decide to become a student member this year (fiscal year 2020), you must pay the membership fee for the 2020 fiscal year, but your fee for the 2021 fiscal year will be exempt instead.)

・Individual members must have paid the membership fees for the 2020 fiscal year.

*We plan to accept about 20 proposals. However, we will prioritize graduate and undergraduate students, those not employed full-time, and those with prior acceptance to present at the original conference (Cultural Typhoon Nagasaki 2020).

* There is no fee to participate in this conference.

* We would appreciate your help in promoting this conference as widely as possible.

* We plan to announce application results around October 1st (Thu.).

Membership Registration

For details on new member registration, please see the following link:

Conference Inquiries

For inquires relating to presenting, please contact us at: