Purpose for Establishing an Association

The 2012 conference in Hiroshima will mark the decennium since Cultural Typhoon was first held. Up until now, Cultural Typhoon has run on personal networking of kindred spirits coming together and enjoying the moment. While we certainly have no wish to decry this feat, it has also meant squandering away the opportunity for retrospection which might be more possible if it were a formal organ with a budgeted base; we have also wondered if the present setup has made Cultural Typhoon less accessible. Thus it is that on the occasion of 10th Cultural Typhoon 2012, we will establish Association for Cultural Typhoon. This does not mean that we are abandoning the spirit of Cultural Typhoon. Our wish is to further develop Cultural Typhoon in the following ways:

  • Publication of annals and books
  • Supporting students, graduate students and young researchers
  • Active participation in social work and social movements
  • Streamlining Cultural Typhoon activities in various ways
  • Maintenance of personal network
  • Clarification of role and responsibility of Cultural Typhoon toward participants and members
  • Establishing an accessible entry point for joining Cultural Typhoon
  • Securing stable operating funds

Thus we hope that establishing Association for Cultural Typhoon will enable the continuation of our spirit in a poisitive way. At the moment, we are recruiting signees in support for the founding of Association of Cultural Typhoon until the end of February. We hope you’ll join us.