Cultural Typhoon 2019 (CT2019) Statement


Towards an Alternative Cultural Studies

Cultural Typhoon was first held at Waseda University in 2003 under the theme ‘Expressive Culture and Anti-Globalization in the Global Era’. A certain current of emotion that emanated there induced us—Keio University team—to stage a guerrilla performance in front of the Okuma Auditorium. Fast-forward a few years and now we are organizing the seventeenth Cultural Typhoon for 2019. As you know, Cultural Typhoon became an academic association in 2012, and thus an institution. Considering the backlash in recent years against the humanities, social sciences and liberal arts, the need to support the careers of young scholars and postgraduate students, the possibility of promoting international academic networks, and the sustainability and legitimacy granted to academic associations, we are sure that institutionalization was the right way to go. It’s important, however, to continue the tradition of searching for new modes of knowledge that resist institutionalization, one which has always informed Cultural Typhoon and Cultural Studies. CT2019 hopes to inhabit a liminal space between institutionalization and non-institutionalization, to sway between academia and its alternatives. It’ll escape definition up until the last. It may act square, or maybe it’ll stick out its tongue and taunt. Let’s discover alternative culture/society/politics through this enduring dynamism. CT2019 would like to offer a space at Mita Campus, Keio University, where crazy and serious people can come together to rethink this turbulent, uncomfortable time, dialogue and dance. We must not forget that Cultural Typhoon is, first and foremost, a typhoon!

Cultural Typhoon 2019 Organizing Committees
October 2018




Cultural Typhoon 2019 at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

Call for Papers

The Association for Cultural Typhoon (ACT, Japan) is calling for proposals for panels and individual papers for the 2019 annual conference to be held at Mita Campus, Keio University, Tokyo, from June 1–2, 2019.

Individual presentations should be 25 minutes in length with five minutes for questions and discussion. Group presentations should be 90 minutes in length, including time for questions and discussion.


To submit your proposal, please download one of the forms below, fill it out, and email it as an attached file to:

Application Form (Individual Presentation)
Application Form (Group Presentation)

The deadline for application: 21st December, 2018.
CT2019 will accept papers from both ACT members and non-ACT members, but the registration fees vary depending on your status. Please read below carefully.

-For Non-members of the Association for Cultural Typhoon

All presenters should pay a ‘Paper Presentation Registration Fee’ upon receiving acceptance of your proposal.

Paper Presentation Registration Fee (Pay after receiving acceptance of proposal)

Employed (full-time) 10,000 yen
Other  5,000 yen

*If you would like to register as an ACT member, the ‘Paper Presentation Registration Fee’ is waived.

If you would like to participate in the conference as a non-presenter, the registration fee is 3,000 yen.

-For Association for Cultural Typhoon Members

Current members of the Association for Cultural Typhoon are exempt from the Paper Presentation Registration Fee.

Association for Cultural Typhoon Annual Membership Fee (from 2018 fiscal year)

Employed (full-time) 10,000 yen
Employed(part-time) 6,000 yen
Student 4,000 yen

2017 Conference Registration Fee (Pay after receiving acceptance of proposal)

Employed (full-time) 3,000 yen
Other  1,000 yen

*Due to time and space constraints, we only accept one paper/panel per individual: you are not allowed to submit more than one paper/panel.

CT2019 paper presentation:
ACT membership: