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post on : 2024.05.02


  • シンポジウム:現地開催+オンラインでの配信を予定しています
  • 個人発表・グループ発表・プロジェクトワークス:現地での対面による開催

・個人発表に応募する場合は、こちら(  )の応募フォームに必要事項を記入してお申し込みください。
・グループ発表に応募する場合は、こちら(  )の応募フォームに必要事項を記入してお申し込みください。
・プロジェクトワークスに応募する場合は、こちら(  )の応募フォームに必要事項を記入してお申し込みください。


非会員有職者(個人会員Aに該当するかた) 11,000円
非会員学生等(個人会員BまたはCに該当するかた) 5,000円


★Applications for presentations

Cultural Typhoon 2024 will showcase a broad range of presentations from people both inside and outside Japan. We are looking for Individual Presentations, Group Presentations, and Project Works.Participation is not limited to ACT members; non-members can also apply. However, a Presentation Registration Fee will be required for presentations made by non-members. Please refer to the [Eligibility for presentation] section below.

Cultural Typhoon 2024 will be organized as follows:

  • Symposiums: On-site and Online streaming.
  • Individual Presentations / Group Presentations / Project Works: On-site only.

Only one panel per person will be accepted for presentation.
*The date and time of each presentation will be decided by the Cultural Typhoon 2024 Executive Committee. Please note that we do not accept requests for presentation dates/times.

★Application method

★Presentation length (planned schedule subject to potential changes)
・Individual Presentations: 20 minutes presentation and Q&A
・Group Presentations: 90 minutes (including time for Q&A)

★Eligibility for presentation
Whether for individual or group presentations, all non-member contributors/presenters will be required to pay the Presentation Registration Fee in advance. The entry fee/online ticket fee for CT2024 is included in the Paper Presentation Registration Fee.

Paper Presentation Registration Fee
Full-time employees (corresponding to ACT membership in Category A): 11,000 yen
Part-time employees and students (corresponding to ACT membership in Category B or C): 5,000 yen
You will be informed of the payment method for the Paper Presentation Registration Fee when we contact you to accept your proposed presentation. In addition, for those who pay the Presentation Registration Fee and then opt to become an ACT member during the fiscal year 2024, the Presentation Registration Fee will be counted as partial payment of the total membership fee.
Registration Fee for project works: 1,000 yen

As before, anybody can apply for participation in project works. However, everyone will be asked to pay an Entry fee/online ticket fee, including those invited by the applicant.