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Cultural Typhoon 2021: “A Change in the Event Style”

post on : 2021.05.14

Cultural Typhoon 2021: “A Change in the Event Style”

Dear all,

Well, the typhoon has not landed in Kanazawa. Unfortunately, the infection status of the new coronavirus cannot be predicted, individual / group presentations and project works will be held online, with only the symposium being held face-to-face in Kanazawa. We are very sorry to those who were looking forward to coming here. And we sincerely apologize for any convenience caused. But, as was mentioned in the call for papers in March, typhoons rarely come to “Back Japan”, so this is expected. If, and against the Pacific Centrism that claims “a typhoon always comes”, it is part of “the Back Strikes Back” to say “there is always a possibility that a typhoon will not come”, our decision may also raise a question on this point.

On the day of the event, individual and group presentations will be broadcast live in accordance with the schedule. In addition, each presentation will be recorded and made available to you on YouTube. We will inform you about how to distribute Project Works and how to participate online.

There is no other way. If a typhoon does not come, there is no choice but to generate it from here. This time, we decided to hold four symposiums in Kanazawa. As a matter of course, we will take thorough measures against infection risk and pay close attention to the situation. In addition, although the number of people will be limited, we are planning to invite an audience to come to the site (recording will be released for a limited time at a later date). I am very aware that there will be voices saying that typhoons will not occur in Kanazawa, Hokuriku, and “Back Japan” (laughs). But there is no time to be cynical. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, “the logic of the Front” is becoming more and more stubborn. It’s Time to Strike Back! Your response is essential for generating what will develop into a typhoon. If we raise the signal of “striking back” in each “place”, it will surely become an “unprecedented typhoon”.

It’s a pity that we can’t meet everyone who raised their hands when we announced that this time would be held in Kanazawa. But sake brewers will make delicious sake, and fishermen and fisherwomen will catch fresh fish next year too. We are looking forward to “then”.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this change in the event style.

Cultural Typhoon 2021 Executive Committee Representative:

Kenji Inagaki (Kanazawa College of Art)