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日時:4月9日(日) 16:00~18:00

場所:早稲田大学早稲田キャンパス 26号館1101教室
※問合せ先:09053440795 (浜)

Dear members of the Association for Cultural Typhoon

As we have informed you earlier, Cultural Typhoon 2017 will be held at Waseda University on June 24-25th, 2017. We are having the 4th executive committee meeting on April 9th from 4 pm. “Executive committee” here implies the voluntary group who are interested in designing and managing this event, and both members and non-members of the association are encouraged to join. We would like to make Cultural Typhoon 2017 as a successful event with your passion and cooperation. If you are interested and passionate, you are very welcomed to join us. Following is the date and venue of the meeting.

Cultural Typhoon 2017
Executive Committee meeting

Date: 4 pm-6 pm, April 9th 2017
Venue: Bldg. 26, Room 1101, Waseda University (Waseda Campus)

For inquiries and information, please contact us by email to: