Annual Membership Fee


<From fiscal year 2017 on>

・Individual Member         10,000 yen
* Individual members in part time employment are eligible for the discount to 6,000 yen.

・Student Member           4,000 yen

・Group Member        15,000 yen

・Supporting Member      15,000 yen


<Until fiscal year 2016>

・Individual Member         6,000 yen

・Student Member           3,000 yen
* Students enrolled in university, graduate school, junior colleges and other higher educational institutions or those in part-time employment.

・Group Member        10,000 yen

・ Supporting Member      10,000 yen

Payment Methods

(1) Transfer to Japan Post Bank Company, Limited

Branch (支店名):  438
Account Number (口座番号): 9392112
Account Name (名前):  カルチュラル・スタディーズガッカイ

*Please make the payment in your registered name.
(2) PayPal

Annual Membership Fee

*NOTE:  The membership fee for “Supporting Member” CAN NOT be paid via PayPal.