Announcement on Cultural Typhoon 2017

Announcement on Cultural Typhoon 2017


Place: Waseda University

Date: 24th, 25th June 2017


Cultural Typhoon 2017 will be held at Waseda University on 24-25 June 2017. For the first time ever, the Cultural Typhoon conference will be held in Tokyo in consecutive years. Our reason for holding the conference again in Tokyo is not at all to privilege a particular place, but to improve the organization of Cultural Typhoon.

There is no doubt that Cultural Typhoon has become a popular and important cultural studies event that attracts many participants, from within Japan and abroad, because it is a site where not only scholars but also activists and ordinary citizens can gather and communicate with each other. However, Cultural Typhoon has struggled as an academic association of cultural studies (Association for Cultural Typhoon) since its establishment 4 years ago, and now is actively seeking to increase its membership and regain financial health. We should remember that the Association for Cultural Typhoon is a community with shared problems and purposes, and that each member’s vigorous commitment is crucial to keep this community active and growing.

At the 2016 annual general meeting of the Association, the current state of Cultural Typhoon forced us to make the decision to raise the membership fee and limit the presentations of papers at Cultural Typhoon to members of the Association. We need to continue to reconstruct the organization of the Association to revitalize it and refashion Cultural Typhoon. For these reasons, at the committee meeting, we decided to hold this year’s conference in Tokyo. We selected Waseda University as the venue for Cultural Typhoon 2017, and members of the organizing committee will be able to coordinate closely.

Waseda University is the place to hold the first Cultural Typhoon in 2003. Now the second tour of Cultural Typhoon starts!