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Conference Overview

Date: July 2-3, 2016 8:00~19:00
Place: Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno campus
12-8, Ueno-park, Taito-Ward, Tokyo, Japan, 110-8714
Registration fee:
Students / Accompanying Guests ¥1000
Instructors ¥5000
*Admission Free for those who attend only project works, symposium and special projects.
Organizer: The Cultural Typhoon 2016 Committee
Co-Organizer: Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts
Supported by The Japan Foundation and Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Cultural Typhoon 2016 Pamphlet (website version)

Now, we have uploaded the pamphlet of Cultural Typhoon 2016. Please check the Pamphlet page.

Keynote Lectures

Lawrence Grossberg (Professor, University of North Carolina)
Haejoang Cho (Han) (Emeritus Professor, Yonsei University)
*Professor Lawrence Grossberg’s visit to Tokyo was cancelled due to his health condition. He will deliver his keynote speech via Video or Skype.


Arts, Culture and the Future of the University
3rd San 16:00 ~ 18:30(Open 15:30)/ *Simultaneous translation available.

Shunya Yoshimi (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Justin Jesty (Assistant Professor, University of Washington)
Janet Pillai (Independent Researcher, Malaysia)
Myungkoo Kang (Professor, Seoul National University)
Yuko Hasegawa (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Sumiko Kumakura (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Concert Programming and Performance:
Kazumi Minoguchi(Lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Rie Hiroe(Organist; Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Panel Session

Time: Full day 9:00 ~ 15:10 on both days.
*100 minutes per session. 3 sessions to be held on one day.

Project Works

Time: 9:00 ~18:00 on both days.

Special Program

Special Program1 Talk : Tatsuo Ikeda ”Art and War”

3rd, San, 11:00 ~ 12:40
Place: Daigaku-Kaikan, 2nd Floor, Exhibition Room
Speaker: Tasuo Ikeda(Painter)
Moderator: Yoshitaka Mori (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
*From 13:30 ~ 15:00, a party to welcome Tatsuo Ikeda will be held at the Japanese Room, 2nd Floor, Daigaku-Kaikan. Everybody is welcome.

Tatsuo Ikeda (Painter)
Born in 1928. Painter. Avant-gardes artist. During the WWⅡ, Ikeda joined the Naval Air Corps as a “Tokko soldier (Kamikaze Pilot)” and he was seventeen when Japan was defeated. After the war, he aspired to be an artist and sought possibilities of reportage through painting in the 1950s, created works with the themes such as coal mines, fights against base developments in Uchinada and Tachikawa, a hydrogen bomb test and remilitarization of Japan. Since then, he has been active at the forefront in the art world. He creates not only two-dimensional works but also objects and performances. He has also been active in talking about his wartime experience as a survivor of the Kamikaze pilots.

Special Program2 Screening : 「TPE-Tics」(2015,Taiwan)


3rd, Sun, 13:30 ~ 15:10
Place: Daigaku-Kaikan, 2nd Floor, Exhibition Room
Works: 「TPE-Tics」(2015 / 68MIN / TAIWAN) By JESSICA LIN WAN-YU
*English subtitle ONLY
*We will invite Jessica Wan-Yu LIN (Director) and HUANG Dawang from Taiwan. Jessica Wan-Yu LIN and HUANG Dawang will attend a talk-session after the screening.

About a TPE-Tics:
“Why do I stand on the stage like this? Because I am a mental disorder of the 20th century,” declares eccentric musician HUANG Dawang, also a noise performer, a music aficionado and a member of the music label, Kandala Records; a pillar of Taiwan’s underground music scene who denies himself as an artist, and who refuses to define what art is.
TPE Tics is an intimate look into Huang’s way of life – incredibly different from the norm, largely incompatible with society. As links between Huang’s past trauma and present creations are revealed, his psychological anxiety is at once enlightening and heartbreaking. Despite his bouts of depression, Huang’s humour and witty introspection relieves the melancholy. More than merely music, the film examines human experiences and nuanced values that are precious yet rarely accessible.

Special Program 3 Performance : In between the Tropic of Cancer


3rd, San, 15:30 ~ 18:00
Place: 2nd floor, Daigaku-Kaikan, Japanese Room
Performer : Alex Yiu(Hong-kong), Wini Cheng(Taiwan)
Organized by Tomoko Hojo

In this project “In between the Tropic of Cancer”, Alex Yiu from Hong Kong and Wini Cheng from Taiwan will present a performance which shows different perspectives of sound art in reflection to the real world politic. While Alex Yiu’s section deals with the neo-colonialism situation of Hong Kong by making sound collage from both English and Mandarin popular music fragments, Wini Cheng is focusing on the political tension in between the Chinese/Taiwan identity through the two versions of Chinese characters, exploring the calligraphic gesture through free improvisation. By combining both algorithmic composition and free improvisation, both of them attempts to explore the potential analogy of sound art through a multidisciplinary approach. Both of them will also present the current sound art scene in Hong Kong and Taiwan after the performance.


2nd, Sat, 18:00 ~ 20:00 (17:00 Open)
Place: University canteen
Fee: ¥3000
*We will announce the details on the day at the entrance.