“Re: Public”? So it’s the theme of CT2015?

Look up the word “republic” in a dictionary. It routinely goes like “a polity in which supreme power is held by the people”. Well, that sort of thing surely sounds nice, dreamlike, and highly ambitious. Yet this “Re: Public” doesn’t appear to be exactly the same. Maybe an email subject line?

ríː / kóʊlən / pˈʌblɪk... “reply regarding public”...
Public, as we have been told, is about something that is not private, personal, or intimate. We’ve heard of public morals, public interest, public housing, public education, public bath, etc. But wait, who are they that draw and maintain the line between the public and its others? Who are they that claim to know the publics very well?
We re-member. We stir it up. We bring it up. The publics have always been and will ever be both heterogeneous and all-inclusive.

Everytime we utter the word there is a pause, a rupture between “re” and “public”. If all hell breaks loose, that tiny rupture could be a little gate, through which we encounter and chat with the dead and living souls of past and present republics. What do you reply?


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The program of Cultural Typhoon 2015 is here
The provisional program of Cultural Typhoon 2015 is here
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