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Special Topics ①

The Open Course「What is Cultural Studies?」

The Cultural Stidies is one of the most critical and stimulative fields of academic practice, which you can experience through Cultural Typhoon 2014@ICU. June 28th and 29th will have to be your eye-opening day.

The CS is NOT a matter of the talk of culture but is a matter of educating your critical insight to decipher the various phenomenon of the contemporary society. This 100 yen is totally worth, your life concerns will subsequently be resolved.

Feel free to join this convivial movement, you are always welcome.

June 28th Sat. @ICU H-kan Room#262

Takeshi Arimoto(International Christian Univesity)「Cultural Studies and Sport」
Yoshitaka Mori(Tokyo University of Arts)「Cultural Studies and Music」
Tohko Tanaka(Jumonji University)「Cultural Studies and Gender」

June 29th Sun. @ICU H-kan Room#262

Yasuhiro Tanaka(International Christian Univesity)「Cultural Studies and Media」
Yuko Kawai(Rikkyo University)「Cultural Studies and the Other」
Syunya Yoshimi(University of Tokyo)「What is Cultural Stidies」

※The main language of courses are lectured in Japanese

Special Topics②

Keynote Speech: “Multicultural conviviality in the midst of racism's ruins”

prof. Lesbook of Prof. Les

by Prof. Les Back (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

28th June, 2014 15:30pm-17:00pm
International Christian University, Diffendorfer Memorial Hall East Wing

※English-Japanese translation available.

About Prof. Les Back

Prof. Les Back teaches Sociology and Urban Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has been critically analyzing multicultural state of youth culture in London from the perspective of race studies, urban studies and ethnography. Among his works are Art of Listening (2007, Berg), Out of Whiteness: Color, Politics, and Culture (with Vron Ware, 2002, University of Chicago Press), and New Ethnicities and Urban Culture: Racisms and multiculture in young lives (1996, UCL Press, later reprinted from Routledge). He also had a conversation with Stuart Hall in Cultural Studies Vol.23, No.4, in 2009.

Special Topics③

Convivial Football

Everyone is welcomed.


28th June, 2014 17:20pm-18:20pm
International Christian University, Sport Field

It is surely a good thing to think with your brain, but always doing so you’ll get bored, won’t you? Sometimes you need to practice cultural studies using your bodies. Coincidently, one of the biggest national/global sports spectacles, FIFA World Cup, will be held in the opposite of the globe. So let us make a counter-performance through football, that is, “Convivial Football”! Two aims: to make our convivial space through appropriating the popularity of football as a popular culture; to disarticulate this national, masculine, and athlete-specific body culture through our convivial physical practices. Let’s make a football space where different people can commit and enjoy in different ways and nobody will be denied his/her presence, since this is an exercise to make such a society. As Stuart Hall might say, “the capacity to play with difference is the coming question of the football in twenty-first century.” You need no football shoes and no uniform. Anybody can come to play. The new artificial pitch of International Christian University is just waiting for you.