• Please write your names and addresses at the registration desk including those who want to participate in Booth and Group Work or Cinema Typhoon only (free entries).
  • Those who pay entries fee for the Panel sessions will receive a list-band which serves for the entry pass for all the sessions.
  • Once you register, you can re-enter the venue any time during the two days of cultural Typhoon.


  • Sat July 13th Please use the COOP restaurant between 11:00~13:30.
  • Sun July 14th The COOP restaurant being closed, please either bring a packed lunch or use shops nearby.


  • You cannot leave your luggage at the venue: please leave them at your accommodation or use lockers at railway stations.

For Panel and Booth participants

  • Please do not send your materials beforehand to the Typhoon office: please bring them on the day of your participation.
  • You won’t be able to use photocopiers at the venue: please print them beforehand. There are a few photocopiers in nearby shops, but please be aware that they can easily be occupied.
  • If you are a Mac user, please bring VGA adaptor.


  • You cannot park your cars at the venue except those registered with us beforehand: please use public transports. Those who have to come by cars should please contact info(at) for information regarding car-parks nearby.
  • There is a strictly no-smoking policy on the university campus except a few designated areas: 2nd Floor Lounge of Kiryo Kaikan; 1st Floor of Student Hall behind the Entrance Guards’ Office.
  • Please refrain from making excessive noise and smoking on the roads.
  • Please divide your waste before throwing them away into “burnable”, “nonburnable”, “cans and bottles”, and “plastic bottles”,
  • There is a kids playroom at B102, where those who come with small children will be very welcome.

Injuries and illnesses

  • Those who need medical help please come to the Central Office at B104, where advices on hospitals open on holidays will be available.