The venue of Cultural Typhoon 2013 is ‘Tokyo Keizai University’.
The nearest station to Tokyo Keizai University is Kokubunji Station on JR Chuo Line.

Tokyo Keizai University address: 1-7-34, Minami-cho, Kokubunji city, Tokyo, 185-8502, Japan


To Kokubunji-Station

  • From Tokyo Station
    JR Chuo Line, approximately 35 minutes by rapid train (‘Tokubetsu-Kaisoku’)
  • From Shinjuku Station
    JR Chuo Line, approximately 20 minutes by rapid train (‘Tokubetsu-Kaisoku’)
  • From Kichijoji Station (Kichijoji is located between Shinjuku and Kokubunji)
    JR Chuo Line, approximately 15 minutes by local train (‘Kaisoku’)

To Tokyo Keizai University
10 minutes walk from the south exit of Kokubunji Station

Cultural Typhoon 2013 does not provide accommodation for the participants, as there are many hotels choices in Tokyo Metropolitan area. Considering the access to the venue and its convenience, hotels in Shinjuku and Kichijoji area are recommended. There are also a couple of reasonable hotels ‘Hotel Mets Kokubunji’ and ‘Business Hotel Daiwa’ next to Kokubunji Station. Websites below are also helpful to find more information about accommodation.

Hotel Mets Kokubunji address: 3-20-3 Minami-cho,Kokubunji,Tokyo 185-0021 phone: 81-42-328-6111

Business Hotel Daiwa address: 3-16-7-3F Minami-cho,Kokubunji,Tokyo 185-0021 phone: 81-42-325-5221

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