Date 2010 July 2~4th (Fri~Sun)
Place Komazawa University, Fukazawa Campus [ MAP ]
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We are pleased to announce that the eighth Cultural Typhoon will be held at Komazawa University (Fukazawa Campus) between 2nd and 4th of July 2010.

Taking its name from an actual typhoon which coincided with an antecedent conference held in 2002, the aspirations of Cultural Typhoon are to remain vigilant of any backpedaling tendencies in routinising academic work, and also to be an intellectual counter-force---a cerebral typhoon as it were---which allows for the emergence of critical thought, as we go about the practice of studying culture.

From the first conference held at Waseda University (2003), the second at Ryukyu University in Okinawa (2004), the third at Ritsumeikan Univeristy (2005), the fourth Shimokitazawa conference (2006) where Cultural Typhoon left the confines of academic campus, the fifth Nagoya conference (2007) which critically appraised Toyotism, the sixth conference held at Sendai Mediatake (2008), to last year's Cultural Typhoon which was co-hosted with Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Association and held at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, we have maintained our commitment to creating an occasion for those involved in the academic praxis of examining a diverse range of cultural phenomena and those who are involved in actual cultural practices themselves to meet, thus wreaking out a stylistically distinctive space in excess of existent academic confinements.

More specifically, Cultural Typhoon:

  • has occasioned people of different background and positions to engage in dialogue over a specific issue, thus suggesting new possibilities for working together;
  • has seen the participation of not only researchers engaging in cultural and political issues, but also artists, activists and performers;
  • has seen overseas participation, particularly from Asian regions, and has provided an important exchange platform for domestic and overseas researchers and cultural practitioners;
  • organizes panels not only in Japanese but also English, Korean and Chinese languages;
  • has focused on a different issue or raised a slogan in each conference, in order to critically engage with the question of cultural politics in a specific way; and
  • in order to break the hierarchically-ordered divisions between lecturers, postgraduate students and undergraduate students, has striven to create a space where young researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students can more easily give voice to themselves.

Cultural Typhoon 2010 will be held at Komazawa University, Fukazawa Campus, which is located just adjacent to Komazawa Olympic Park, a monument which harks back to the high economic growth period of post-war Japan. This year's main theme will be 'Liaisoning the Public Sphere and Asia Through the Screen'. The 'screen' here refers not only to cinematic films, but also to new sites of visual-media expression, as well as to the sites of dialogue for analyzing the socio-cultural situation of contemporary Asia, which, it may be said, is composed of many 'screens'.

Located within Fukazawa Campus is Kyu Mitsukoshi Geihinkan Silver Pavilion building---the former guest house of Mitsukoshi department store. This site, so evocative of the modernizing of consumer culture, is where the panel, performance and exhibition booths will be staged. Moreover, 2010 coincides with the centenary year since Japan annexed Korea in 1910. It is at this particular historical site and at this particular juncture in history that we call on practitioners and researchers of cutting edge 'screen culture' throughout Asia to gather, such that we may re-screen history theoretically, and also share in creating a space where new liaisons between different locations and cultures can lead to imaginative collaborations. Our intention is to re-inspect history once more, such that we may re-imagine new ways to forge relationships as they pertain to Asia.

Moreover, in recent years, though its symbolic significance had lain in guaranteeing open access to all, we have seen many cases where the 'public park' has been the very site of metropolitan exclusion and the policing of diversity. At Cultural Typhoon 2010, we hope that there will be many filmic, panel, booth, performance applications which gain inspiration from the geographic proximity to Komazawa Olympic Park where Cultural Typhoon 2010 will be held. We hope that the conference will enable the nurturing of praxis-based activism and praxis-based research.

The Executive Committee of Cultural Typhoon 2010 @ Komazawa University---comprising university lecturers, postgraduate students, undergraduate students, artists, writers, mostly based in wider Metropolitan Tokyo---has already begun the process of preparing for the event. We look forward to receiving critically-engaged panel submissions between 28th of December and 28th of February.

For submission details, please see [ Application Form for Panel Session ] or [ Application Form for Paper Presentation ]. We strongly encourage you to make panel submissions. However, we do accept submissions for individual papers, in which case the Executive Committee will put together the papers into a panel.

We accept panel/paper submissions in any language, and the language of dominance during the panel will be left to the decision of the panel participants. However, some manner of English translation will be expected in all cases. In particular, we require that you fill out the English sections of the application form regardless of the language that you choose to utilize as the dominant language during the panel.

We are calling for panel sessions which are 30-minutes in duration, which will be part of a panel session 90-minutes in duration. If we receive applications in excess of our capacity, the most suitable panels/papers for Cultural Typhoon 2010 will be selected. We will contact the panel organizer with the results of the selection by 1st April 2010.

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2010 February 28th (Sun) 0am midnight
Deadline for 'Panel Application' and 'Paper Application' will close.
2010 Mid-May
Deadline for 'Exhibition Booth' and 'Performance' application will close. (schedule only)
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If you are interested in becoming an organizing member of Cultural Typhoon 2010, please send an e-mail to (apply[at] We'll let you know when and where the next committee meeting will take place.

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