Deadline Is Over (2009.12.02)

CFP for publication“Reading Asia through Cultural Studies”
(temporary title)

The organizing committee of Cultural Typhoon 2009 is planning on a Japanese publication that would reflect the current situation of cultural studies in Japan and would like to call for submissions to the participants of this year’s event. Please submit according to the following details.

■Qualification ::A person who has coordinated or presented in a panel, or has been involved in an event organized at IACT 2009.

■Papers ::We are looking for papers that are further developed from the original presentations at IACT 2009. Well-developed and coherent collaborative work will also be acceptable.

■Theme ::The papers may be a cultural or meta-level analysis that deals with the actualities within an Asian context.

■Deadline ::December 1, 2009 (rigidly)

■Submission format ::Mainly Japanese, but English submission will also be acceptable. 16,000 words for Japanese, 20 pages (double-spaced) with 10 endnotes (max) for English submissions. If the English paper is accepted, the editor will be responsible for the Japanese translation.

■Review process ::After the papers are selected by the editors (Yoshimi Shunya, Iwasaki Minoru, Chen Kuan-Hsing) and designated reviewers, authors will be contacted through email. Please understand that not all, but only restricted articles can be included because of defined volume of the book.

■Double submission ::Papers submitted to other journals such as IACS, or are already published in English but are not yet published in Japanese may still submit.

■Submission method ::Submit a word file to with the “Publishing Project of CT2009” in the subject line. Please add the following information in the text.

1. Author’s name (native and English), email address, postal address.
2. Affiliation (school, job title, status)
3. Name of the panel or event the author has participated in at IACT 2009.

■Further questions may be sent to with “Publishing Project of CT2009” in the subject line.

Cultural Typhoon 2009 Executive Committee

  • 2009-07-07 (火) 23:50

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