Open Call for Exhibition and Performance Booth in IACT 2009

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We, Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon 2009, would like to invite applications to stage exhibition and performance booths during the conference on 3-5 July 2009. We welcome various booths, including exhibitions (photos, posters, illustrations, clothes, etc.), performances (dance, music, play, etc.), stores (selling books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, etc.), food stalls and so on. We are seeking those who wish to show their creations, have fun with others, have political expression, sell products and bring various cultural activities into our conference.

In addition, these booth spaces are connected to the theme of Cinema Typhoon 2009, which is Swarm. Cinema Typhoon will be held in the same venue. (See also the statement of Cinema Typhoon 2009)
A Swarm of many booths and stores, and of people dropping in at them, will be a place where performers, presenters, audience members, visitors and others can communicate in a range of ways. Maybe we can find there some new styles of expression or thought. We hope that such a Swarm emerges from the various activities of the participants.

Above all these booths are for people to utilize and enjoy in their own way. Let’s make a space where every participant can have fun and learn something.