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What's New

? 2007/06/27
Program page update!!

■ 2007/05/29
Cultural Typhoon 2007 in Nagoya announced the Bus Tour. The detailed information and sign-up is here.

■ 2007/05/07
The application deadline for display and performance has been prolonged until May 31st. The application deadline for Cinema Typhoon has been prolonged until June 8th.

■ 2007/02/23
Cultural Typhoon 2007 is now conducting a second CFP for the following two panel proposals. Application deadline has passed.

Call for Papers:
Panel Title 1:
“Public / private: contemporary art and politics
Panel Synopsis:
I would like to propose a panel dealing with the impact of contemporary art on notions of the public and the private spheres. Papers discussing issues of contemporary art in the widest sense and its engagement with society are highly welcome. Personally I intend to discuss the effects of the international contemporary art festival Echigo-Tsumari Triennal in northeastern rural Japan on the local notions of public / private. For example, the Turkish artist Ayse Erkmen set up an installation called “What happened here?Ein a former residential home, which was badly damaged by the strong earthquake in October 2004. When walking the house in the Tokamachi area, which is left exactly like after the earthquake, with shattered pieces of ceramic, broken windows and damaged furniture, the visitor cannot help having uncanny feelings since there is no guard in the house and things are left exactly as they are, giving the impression that people still live there. This is why one inevitably feels somewhat like an intruder into a private space. How do such installations relate to the conventionally distinct binary structure of public / private in Japanese society? How do locals respond to such works? I would like to form a panel with presenters ideally coming from political science, sociology, art history or other disciplines plus a discussant.

Panel Title 2:
Multiculturalism and Civilian Participation
Panel Synopsis:
"The Theme of Cultural Typhoon 2007 in Nagoya" briefly shows our theme of this Panel Session. Let's quote a passage from it.“Due to emergent multiculturalism brought on by global economy, there are an increasing number of new citizens' groups committed to engaging with migrant workers and their families. ”,“Here, plural ‘cultures' are in a state of visible negotiation and/or conflict. Symbiosis and subsumption come hand in hand with issues of discrimination and exclusion. There is much to be thought and discussed, as its effects are multivariate and multifaceted, and need to be seen from different perspectives. In juxtaposing the differences, we may perhaps forge new relationships between different problems and thus new solutions, and new possibilities of cooperation and collaboration. ”

We hope to discuss this theme with various people, mainly members of citizens' groups. We are looking foward to your participation !

■ 2007/02/23
Cultural Typhoon application forms have been re-formatted. If you have downloaded the files earlier, please re-download the files.

■ 2007/02/02
The website for Cultural Typhoon 2007 is up!

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