12/5 - News 更新
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10:30 - 12:30
Alternative Public Sphere
coordinated by 渋谷 望
1. 高原基彰
東アジアのパンクロック ―グローバリゼーションの中のサブカルチャー―
2. Christine R. Yano
Kicking Kitty -Global controversies surrounding Japanese cute-

3. 井上弘貴

Politics in Aestheticized Cities
coordinated by 黒石いずみ
1. 五十嵐泰正
2. 清水知子
グローバル・メランコリアのゆくえ ―現代の都市空間の文化編成と消費社会―
3. Murkus Reisenleitner
Encroachment, Transgression, Intrusion:
Monstrous Topographies and Colonial Spaces in Metropolitan Popular Culture
Building CS in the Asian Contexts
coordinated by 岩渕功一
Technologies of Pleasure and Nation-State in Globalizing Contexts
coordinated by 阿部 潔
1. 長山智香子
2. 葉口英子
3. 飯田ゆみこ
Visible Nation/Ideology of Pleasure:
Japanese Nationalism in the Age of Information Capitalism

14:00 - 16:00
Representation of Japaneseness
coordinated by 小笠原博毅
1. 吉田綾子 [Abstract]
Cool Japan
-the representation of Japanese culture in contemporary London-
2. Tony Mitchell
Fetishising Japanoise
-Western Reading of Japancore and the Tokyo Psychedelic Underground-

3. Marika Ezure
Macrobiotic Movement -the current practices of Japanese folk medicine-

From Disney to Cyber
coordinated by 吉見俊哉
1. Kimburley Choi
Alien Lost, Paradise Found -Disney in Hong Kong, Glocalization in Action-
2. 勝野宏史
3. Jung Sun Park
The Question of Identity in "Ghost in the Shell"
-Breached Boundaries, Anxiety and Hope in the Cyber Age-
coordinated by 丸川哲史
ホンコン・タイフーン ―再統合・抵抗・再生― (中止)
Hong Kong Typhoon -Reunification, Resistance, Renaissance-
coordinated by 毛利嘉孝
Yuen Yui Chi, Chow Pui Ha, Leon Wailing, Lam Kwan Heung and He Runfeng Daniel

16:30 - 18:30
War and Narrative
coordinated by 岩崎 稔
1. Lim Cheng Tju
Art and Politics -Cartooning in Singapore-
2. 平山陽洋

3. Barak Kushner
Treacherous Behavior
-Japanese Propaganda and Allied POWS in World War Two-

Media consumption of "Okinawa" in Japan
coordinated by 岩渕功一
藤村有加,加藤千夏,高橋直哉,菊本泰子,篠原 剛,
真保麻希子,水上加奈子,増渕あさ子 + 田仲康博,多田 治
始皇帝の新しい装いと精神 (中止)
The First Emperor's New Clothes and New Mind
coordinated by 太田好信
1. Siu Leung Li
The First Emperor and the Last (Non-) Action Hero
2. Kinnia Yau
A Comparison of Shin shikotei and the First Emperor
3. Lisa Leung
"No Sword in Hand; No Sword in Heart":
Seeking the Hero in "Hero" Films/Levels of Reading in Hero
4. Chang Hsiu Min
Marketing Global Chinese-ness - Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon and Hero
coordinated by 小笠原博毅
チョ・ヘジョン,ファン・ソンビン,清水 諭,有元 健,山本敦久,田中東子

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